Why Tourism is the Qualification for You

Why Tourism is the Qualification for You

I often get asked why should I study Tourism, I don’t want to be a travel agent! Well let me explain how the Tourism course is the best course to do for any business that has customers, now let’s face it every business has customers.


Unit one is about time management, setting goals and making sure you are able to plan, monitor and review your work schedule. We then move onto a WHS project where we learn about working safe, working effectively with colleagues and building the confidence to present to a small group.


Our customer service project talks about first impressions, listening to the customer, communication, selling features and benefits and matching products to the client’s needs. This is essential to anyone in customer service. We need to remember, a common complaint is that we don’t listen to the customer so this addresses all areas of customer service.


Finally we complete a project on dealing with conflict and complaints and how to get the best result in this situation. It is never easy when someone is not happy with your organisation and this unit empowers you to not take this personally and to focus on the steps to satisfy the customer in the hope of keeping them. These skills also cross over into your team of colleagues and how best to deal with issues that arise.


I love Tourism because it covers so many industries and jobs and are very much about customer service however if you are looking at studying something that will give you a tourism insight plus the benefits of customers service, this is the course for you. Tourism will never leave, it is may just take a little holiday break.

Natalie Montgomerie

Tourism Trainer