Skills Strategies International has a longstanding track record of collaborating with public and private sector organisations and industry professionals across a range of business areas, working for mutual benefit.

Types of collaborations

Innovation and industry knowledge
We are a keen advocate of sharing resources and expertise. We collaborate with a large number of industry professionals around course content, audits, industry regulations, innovation in the the training industry and referral of clients.

Flexible trainers
We have a pool of flexible, highly qualified trainers and facilitators that can be outsourced to work with and for your organisation.

Venue Sharing
We collaborate with other businesses by sharing business premises. This is a cost effective option for us and our partners and allows for greater customer reach and business exposure.

Our current collaborations:


Business Women Australia – a national collective of business women

Skills Strategies International believes that in spite of enormous improvements in participation at high levels that Australian women still do not get the recognition they deserve as business leaders. As members of Business Women Australia, we have provided presentations and learning opportunities, written joint tenders and recommended the national collective to our clients.

National Collaborations

This network is focused on maintaining and growing our expertise and content. As part of the network we are partnered with six RTO’s across three states to support each other with sharing of resources. expertise and the provision of services nationally.

International partnerships and learning

Do you want to operate your business or learning institution in line with Australian Standards and save yourself the cost of travelling to deliver your qualification?

Skills Strategies International has extensive experience working with international learners to deliver qualifications and learning in line with an organisation’s training strategy. We have been involved in the following initiatives:

  • Training in delivery skills for international educators
  • Delivery of business skills
  • Integration of English language skills in training delivery
  • Delivery of Australian qualifications on-site
  • Organising valuable work placements for learners in West Australia.

For further information on collaborating with us please call (08) 6143 2180 or Enquire