TAE 40122 graduate diploma in management learning

Unveiling the TAE40122: Your Guide to the Latest Training and Assessment Qualification

The TAE40122 was released on the 7th December 2022 with a 2 year teach out. Some RTO’s rushed to implement the new qualification but here at Skills Strategies International we continued to deliver the TAE40116. The reasons were that it was deemed equivalent to the 22, it was less units for candidates to complete. In today’s trainer shortage that meant people could start training quicker … and it was funded by the state, so it was cheaper.
However there has been a change. Jobs and Skills is now funding the TAE40122, and we have the course ready to go. While the new course is longer, we believe it better prepares trainers and assessors to work in 2023 and beyond.

The TAE40116 consists of 10 units of competency, whereas the new TAE40122 requires the completion of 12 units of competency. In the TAE40116, there are 9 compulsory units to complete and 1 elective unit which can be chosen by you, the student or can be offered as part of a standard course offered by your provider. Most providers offer a standard course. The TAE40122 by comparison has 12 units of competency. The dreaded Design and Develop Assessment Tools (TAEASS502) is no longer a core unit and there are several relevant electives for candidates to choose. There are 6 core units and 6 elective units. So there are many more options for learners to learn a range of skills. Throughout the qualification there seems to be a bigger emphasis on meeting learner needs with a focus on customisation, contextualisation and the development of foundation skills. There are units in classroom-based delivery, online delivery, work-based delivery and delivering to young learners.

While it is difficult to allow all learners to have the options they desire, at SSI we have analysed our target groups and are offering 3 options for electives. Learners will complete a “generic” set of 10 units and complete the options in online learning, young learners and employability skills and imported electives from other qualifications. The electives will be delivered flexibly and will also be available for learners who are looking for some PD to improve their skills to join. Learners will be able to either do the assessments and achieve the units of competency or join the course as PD and gain a micro credential.

While it is not necessary to upgrade to the TAE40122, there is new learning that will benefit all trainers and assessors and it would be a shame for this not to be available.
The new qualification and the PD sessions will be delivered by Skills Strategies International over the next couple of months. It will be delivered in similar strategies to previously delivered with the 16; classroom based, virtual and intensive.

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