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Skills Strategies International have been invited to present an article for an international journal on an adult education concept that we are trailing to increase learning relevance for industry. This work has been based on several business-to-business projects we have delivered. The projects have been working with a specific organisation and have been focussed on improving the business performance and developing leadership skills.The mode of delivery deviates from the traditional facilitator directed strategy. It is focussed around sensemaking and constructivism.

This work has led us to review the delivery of BSB80120 Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning)so the qualification focus is on business improvement in the learning organisation (Such as an RTO) as well as the individual leadership development.

There is an obvious interrelationship between business transformation and leadership what we are doing is changing our purpose. In traditional vocational education and training we have delivered a series of units to individuals to provide them a qualification. We have had plenty of feedback from industry that this does not suit their needs. It might provide a more highly qualified staff member who knows more and can do more. but the business isn’t substantially impacted.

Our purpose in our business-to-business delivery of leadership and management is to improve the business performance. We achieve that by focusing or organisational development first and then developing the leadership skills to support the organisational development.

The Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning) has all the subjects (units) aligned to business transformation. And like most vocational education units there is a requirement for implementation of the new knowledge and skills. It is a subtle change in the order of deliverythat will support our newfocus.

By completing the Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning) you will learn how to meet industry requirements and will meet industry requirements.

Enroll now in our BSB80120 Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning) and gain valuable insight and knowledge by being a part of this amazing network.

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