TAESS00023 Online Learning and Assessment Skill Set

This Skill Set forms part of the NEW Certificate IV TAE40122. Suitable for everyone that wants to upgrade to the TAE40122 and benefit from our special offer. Contact us at (08) 6143 2180 for more information. 

This skill set addresses the skills and knowledge required to plan, organise and facilitate online learning and assess competence across various electronic applications and communication channels. It involves gathering evidence using both synchronous and asynchronous assessment methods, and making judgements on the outcomes of the online assessment using a range of devices and digital tools.

We believe that learners need to have:

  • Motivation and purpose to learn
  • A supportive environment
  • Connection to existing knowledge
  • Observation and practice opportunities
  • Opportunities to be active and reflect
  • Opportunities to be independent and collaborate
  • Contextualised resources that support the learning

Completing this course will give you the skills and knowledge you need to provide your learners with a supportive learning environment.

Course Dates

Course Content

Delivery Methods

Course Duration

Course Fees

Funding Eligibility

Entry Requirements

  • December 7, 2023
  • January 18, 2024
  • February 29, 2024
  • April 11, 2024
  • May 23, 2024
  • July 4, 2024
  • August 15, 2024
  • September 26, 2024
  • November 7, 2024
  • December 19, 2024


  • 7pm – 9pm WST Time Zone
  • 6 Weeks
  • 2 Hrs per week


  • TAEDEL405 Plan, organise and facilitate online learning
  • TAEASS404 Assess competence in an online environment

You’ll be prepared for:

  • Challenges online
  • Learning theories and applications online. Delivery plans and monitoring sheet
  • Establishing the environment. Synchronous and asynchronous
  • Asynchronous assessments and how to plan and deliver
  • Synchronous assessments and how to plan and deliver
  • Evaluation

This course is delivered in Microsoft Teams and Moodle. A half-day classroom-based session can be included for organisation groups if local.

Six weeks x 2 hours per week or a similar rendition of this.

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