Course of the week: CHC30213 Certificate in Education Support

The course of the week: CHC30213 Certificate in Education Support

It’s time to highlight one of our brand new courses that are being offered at the Mandurah and Balcatta training Centres, through our virtual classroom platform and fully online. The CHC30213 Certificate III in education support is an exciting qualification offering a career in supporting children from kindergarten to year 12 in a school educational setting. This course incorporates modern practices, providing you with the skills you need to support children and teenagers in a holistic learning environment. 

Duration: The qualification contains 17 units split into 5 theory clusters over a 24 week period that aims to prepare you for your 100-hour practical industry experience (work experience). This means the whole course ends up taking 12 months to complete with the majority of your time being spent on work experience, not in the classroom. 

Funding: Currently the CHC30213 Certificate in Education Support is funded for all concession holders and those of you who are under 24 meaning the qualification will only cost you $302.40. Further funding is available, see the full CHC30213 Certificate in Education Support page at this link for further detail: https://www.skillstrategies.edu.au/course/chc30213-certificate-iii-in-education-support/ 


  1. Self Employment: Working as an Education Assistant gives you the flexibility to work casual or on-call relief, part-time, full time or contract work. Essentially this industry lets you control how and when you want to work making the job perfect for someone with a family or other beyond-work commitments. 
  2. Work-Life Balance: The hours of an Education assistant fit around school hours meaning that you will usually only have to work 8:30-15:30 Monday-Friday. This gives you weekends and nights off while also allowing families with children at school to have their work hours fit with their children’s school hours. 
  3. Good Career Prospects: Your role as an Education assistant naturally flows into a career as a teacher allowing you to easily move into university education doing a teaching degree. Previous work experience as an education assistant will set you apart from other teachers  There is also the opportunity to move onto higher Education support qualifications which can lead to positions as a lead education assistant. 
  4. Lots of Jobs Available: There is an extreme skill shortage in the Education Assistant industry with over 1000 positions being advertised on Seek in Perth. Our Education support students will leave their course with not only a qualification but with the skills they need to fill any of these positions. 
  5. Pay: The average pay an Education Assistant can expect in WA is $30 per hour or $50,700 based on the average workweek of an Education Assistant (32.5 Hours per week)
  6. Practical experience: Every SSI Education Support student will do 100 hours of practical industry training allowing them to experience the Education Assistant role in a monitored environment further preparing them for their future job. 
  7. Traineeships: Another awesome part of the Education support qualification is the ability to do it as a traineeship. This is perfect for those of you who are already working as an Education support worker and want some formal recognition for the skills you have gained over your time in the job. 

In conclusion, this qualification gives you all the skills and practical experience to dive headfirst into your career as an Education Assistant while also opening several potential career opportunities you could follow in the future. We’ve found this qualification really suits people who are looking for a job that fits around school hours. The ability to do the qualification as a traineeship also opens it up a lot to those who are already working as EAs or vocational education students who want to do a school-based traineeship. 


Enrolments are already open! See https://www.skillstrategies.edu.au/course/chc30213-certificate-iii-in-education-support/ for course dates.

For any questions, queries or quibbles about the qualification contact our wonderful trainer Samantha Hopewell: samantha@skillstrategies.edu.au

Read about Sam’s journey as a trainer here: https://www.skillstrategies.edu.au/trainer-profile-02-samantha-hopewell/