Sales Training

Company background

The company is a Perth based privately owned home care assistance organisation. They provide home care packages, respite options, consumer directed care and pay as you go services.

The challenge

The company had launched a marketing campaign to gain a stronger market position. As a result of the campaign, there was an increase in inbound telephone calls and sales enquiries. It became evident that most of the front line staff did not have the sales experience required to convert the enquiries to profitable business. 

The solution

The training programs were developed to improve both the inbound telephone skills and face-to-face selling capabilities of the front line team.

The solution had two elements:

  • A tailored inbound telephone training program combined with one-on-one coaching sessions was developed specifically for the company. The program was designed to enhance the quality of service that customers experience when they contact the company and provide front line staff with the skills to convert enquiries into sales or warm leads. After the training course a one-on-one coaching session was held with each staff member during which previous taped conversations were reviewed for quality purposes.
  • A tailored and interactive “Successful Selling Skills” training course was developed for the front line staff. Staff learned how to use the 7 steps of the sales process and provide a suitable customer solution through a variety of closing scenarios resulting in lead conversion.

The Outcome

As a result of the training programs staff acquired essential sales skills and they are equipped to handle telephone and face-to-face enquiries and convert them to a sale or a referral.