Michelle Dobbs

I am delighted to announce that I have very warmly been welcomed to join the Skills Strategies International team based in Mandurah.

I have over 30 years’ experience of customer service, leadership and education.

I grew up in England where my parents ran a typical English Pub and after a stint working in customer service for Carnival Cruise Lines around the Caribbean Islands back in the 90’s, I spent the next 14 years in the Fitness and Leisure Industry as an Instructor and duty manager in various private and public leisure clubs. This led to a degree in Nutrition which then steered me into what my mother called a ‘proper job’ and I became a secondary school teacher in Food Technology & Hospitality.

In 2011, I emigrated with my husband and two children to beautiful Western Australia and joined ‘M on the Point’ now The Peninsula in Mandurah. I also joined South Metropolitan TAFE as a Lecturer and worked both jobs for some time until my Lecturing position became full time. They were fantastic days, and I learnt so much about the local Hospitality, Tourism & Events industry, and was fortunate to be involved in so many opportunities, both paid and volunteering roles, such as the Mandurah Crab Fest, The Gourmet Escape, at the WACA for the Ashes, the One Day Internationals and for Intercruises in Fremantle. I have also met so many professional people in the industry along the way taking students on excursions to what seems like every hotel and event in WA! I have worked in Fine Dining Training Restaurants in Fremantle and Bentley, Chefs Dinners and Wine Tasting events.

I have delivered courses from Certificate II up to Diploma level and worked  in and out of the classroom with the VET programs in schools, Traineeships in the workplace, SODEXO training courses in accommodation services for FIFO positions, delivering accessible skill sets for disability students and have been fortunate to have worked with a diverse range of very interesting people.

I responded to a community advertisement last year to help form a not for profit organisation to connect local youths to safe activities, and one year on I am now the President with a team of passionate local people making big changes in the community, such as putting on outdoor movie events and pop up youth festivals specifically for teenagers. Covid got in the way a bit, but Secret Harbour Youth Focus is back up and running once more.

I am also studying Certificate IV in Mental Health as I believe in wellbeing in the home, workplace and the community, and together we can all do our bit to make things that bit easier for the person standing next to us.

Unfortunately, my previous position moved 60km away and I found myself disconnected with the local community and my passions of engaging local people to reach their individual goals. It was a huge decision to leave my safe and secure position, but they say change is as good as a rest, and nothing changes unless you make it change. So here I am, enthusiastic and ready to work with the very supportive and friendly Skills Strategies International team.