Leadership and Management

People continue to ask themselves and others what makes good leaders. As individuals, they seek more information on how to become effective leaders. Leadership is a process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal. Defining leadership as a process means that it is not a trait or characteristic that resides in the leader, but rather a transactional event that occurs between the leader and the followers.

Leadership and Management

Our qualifications are delivered through blended learning options that include face-to-face, online, virtual and in the workplace.

All our courses can be contextualised and delivered as in-house bespoke group training to meet your organisation's needs.
We offer industry relevant professional development training courses on a wide range of topics. Courses are delivered online and face-to-face at our training premises in Balcatta and Mandurah.

Our training can be offered as bespoke group training and delivered on-site at your organisation. Please contact us to discuss your specific training needs or to receive an obligation free quote.

Leadership and Management


Other courses available are:

Improve your personal leadership | Five-factor Personality Model and Leadership | Understanding self and others | Emotional intelligence | Design Thinking Frameworks | Team building | Change management | Manage successful projects | Mastering time – Time management | Mentoring in the workplace | B.A.N.K | LEAN


Sales and Marketing



Other courses available are:

Develop a Marketing Strategy | Sales and Service Markets | Sales Strategy for Growth | Business Development | Relationship Management | Networking Digital and In Person | LinkedIn




Delivery MethodsE-Learning

Our accredited courses can be undertaken online on any device at any time through our Moodle platform. Rest assured that you or your staff will be supported and guided by our experienced facilitators and trainers along the learning journey.

Blended Learning

Our courses can be undertaken through blended delivery which is a combination of online, self-paced learning and a face-to-face component.

Classroom / Group Training

For organisation’s that are looking for a more personalised approach, we offer group training for most of our training programs. Our highly customised group training can be delivered on-site or at our Balcatta or Mandurah training venue.

Customisation / Bespoke

We pride ourselves on offering flexible learning pathways and offer a learner the option to choose from a range of units to customise a qualification to best meet their personal and/or professional learning needs.

We also take the opportunity to customise these programs within regulation to meet any relevant organisational necessities, making our programs a more comprehensive and valid experience for the participants. This can include extra course content, workplace coaching and mentoring and other supportive initiatives to guarantee a memorable program that delivers.