Marketing principles and practice

Marketing Principles and Practice


Are you looking to ramp up your marketing efforts or keen to gain a more practical insight into marketing tactics? 

During this course we will be going through the principles of marketing and review your 4 marketing P’s (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) and explain why they are important. You will gain an understanding of your brand in the market and get clarity around your target market and how to reach them in today’s competitive market.

We will focus on the marketing fundamentals followed by a more practical approach so you will walk out of the workshop with an action plan and clear marketing goal for yourself and your organisation.

Who is it for?

The workshop is designed for small business owners, marketing coordinators or anyone that is looking at becoming more effective in their marketing efforts.

Your lead facilitator

Michael’s marketing and sales experience is gained through working nearly thirty years in the retail and services sectors, from fashion and discount variety through to not for profit. His expertise lies in Multi Site Management and developing strategies and teams capable of delivering results. The last decade of retail management he has spent helping a not for profit organisation achieve excellent results.  

Michael brings to the course industry experts and specialists to share their knowledge and insights into the niche aspects of strategic marketing based on the sectors of the course attendees. This ensures relevant material is tailored and delivered in the time allocated.

Course outline

  1. The principles of marketing
  2. Modern marketing strategies
  3. Digital marketing fundamentals (social media)
  4. Partnerships & Collaborations
  5. Operations and campaigns
  6. Creative process


Course Name

Marketing principles and practice

Course Cost

$599 excluding GST

Course Date




Workshops/Seminar style

Group training

Bespoke training option

Delivered onsite at SSI

Enquire about delivery of this course at a venue of your choice


1 day workshop, 9.00am-4.00pm

Additional Information

“The best workshop I have ever done. Annette was amazing in keeping me engaged by sharing relevant information for my organisation. I did not wander once during the day. I was able to implement all practical advice given on the day and create some successful marketing campaigns straight away. I would highly recommend the course as Annette is an expert in her field”. Rebecca, marketing coordinator public sector